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The HST large programme on ω Centauri - I. Multiple stellar populations at the bottom of the main sequence probed in NIR-Optical, 2017, MNRAS, 469, 800
A. P. Milone, A.F. Marino, L. R. Bedin, J. Anderson, D. Apai, A. Bellini, P. Bergeron, A. J. Burgasser, A. Dotter, J. M. Rees

Pre-main-sequence isochrones - III. The Cluster Collaboration isochrone server, 2014, MNRAS, 445, 3496
Cameron P. M. Bell, Jon M. Rees, Tim Naylor, N. J. Mayne, R. D. Jeffries, Eric E. Mamajek, and John Rowe
Contribution: I obtained the observations used to construct the revised Pleiades sequence. I performed tau-squared modelling to fit the upper-main sequence of the Pleiades and Praesepe to determine the age and distance of both. Using SDSS data I created an empirical colour-Teff relation in the SDSS observational system, investigated the effect of metallicity on interior and atmospheric models and the effect on the derived bolometric corrections.


Steward Observatory Origins Seminar, Tucson, Arizona, March 2017

Seminar: Pre-Main-Sequence ages - Environmental Impact on Disc Lifetime

CTIO Joint Colloquium Series, La Serena, Chile, August 2015

Seminar: Pre-Main-Sequence Ages - Taurus and the Environmental Impact on Disc Lifetime
Slides are available here.

IAU Symposium 314 - Young Stars and Planets Near the Sun, Atlanta, May 2015

Poster: The Age of Taurus - Environmental Effects on Disc Lifetimes?
Poster is available here. The proceedings article based on this work is available on arXiv here.

Milky Way Astrophysics from Wide-Field Surveys, London, March 2015

Contributed talk: Bayesian Extinction Fitting - The Age of Taurus
Slides are available here.